Colourful jubilee bunting donated

Published: 31 March 2022

A charity shop that recycles DIY waste and other scrap items has made more than 300 yards of eye-catching bunting to help decorate Banbury’s streets for the Queen’s 70th jubilee celebrations.
Sandra Stowe, a volunteer at the Orinoco store in High Street, created the multi-coloured streamer by re-using donated materials. It will be used by Banbury Town Council during four days of jubilee festivities in June.
Sandra said: “I made lots of bunting for my son's wedding and knew what was involved.
“The materials were donated by individuals and companies and it was put together using a vintage sewing machine which itself was donated to Orinoco instead of going to landfill.”
Town mayor Shaida Hussain took delivery of the red, white and blue decoration on Wednesday (30th).
She said: “This is a wonderful addition to our jubilee programme. It’s marvellous when people use their skills to turn waste products into something as attractive as this.
“Banbury Town Council is organising the jubilee celebrations and wanted to keep its decorations as local and as sustainable as possible. This fits the bill exactly.”
Orinoco, the Oxfordshire Scrapstore, is an independent charity that collects unwanted, good-quality, commercial and domestic objects from businesses and householders.
Since the Banbury shop was opened by Cllr Hussain in October last year at 15 High Street, the team – with help from the community – has already saved more than three tons of waste from going to landfill.
The donated items become valuable resources for children's art and school projects as well as for creative enterprises for adults.
Sue Smith, Orinoco’s outreach co-ordinator, said: “Orinoco is growing fast and is getting the whole community involved.
“Our mission is to relieve boredom – and help save the planet by reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill through our shops, workshops, events and volunteering opportunities.”
Picture shows Sandra handing a bundle of bunting to Cllr Hussain.