Anti-litter Campaign Launched

Published: 16 August 2022

A campaign urging residents to be proud of where they live and to stop dropping litter has been launched by Banbury Town Council.
The move comes after discussions about the amount of rubbish dumped in the streets and parks.
The campaign ‘went live’ on Tuesday (16th).
Posters advertising the initiative have been displayed around town and the council is planning a series of events that will make Banbury a tidier place.
The first clean-up session will be a massive litter pick on Saturday September 3 and residents are being asked to turn out to help remove rubbish from the streets and parks.
The anti-litter campaign follows a recent town council meeting when a ‘tidy-up’ motion received unanimous support from councillors.
The motion said: “The minimisation of litter around Banbury is desirable for all residents and visitors. Rubbish plagues the town’s streets because people continue to drop their waste instead of using litter bins.”
Leader of the council Kieron Mallon said: “Banbury is a very attractive town but some areas, including parks, are often spoiled by litter. It takes very little effort to use the bins – and the result will be a better town in which to live, work, play and shop.”
Cllr Martin Phillips, chairman of the council’s general services committee – which oversees the scheme – added: “Banbury has always attracted tourists and we want them to see the town at its best. Litter-free streets are also more appealing to the people who live here and so we’re asking everyone to show some pride in their town and keep it tidy.
The litter-picking event on September 3 will see volunteers from schools, businesses, other organisations plus individuals split into groups and given a series of routes.