Barbecues in Spiceball Park

Published: 29 May 2022

Safety-first barbecues in Spiceball Park have given ‘dining out’ a new meaning.
The exciting additions to the popular park mean families can enjoy self-cooked meals alfresco-style without the risk of fire – and with easy disposal of the hot embers.
Six ‘Safe-2-BBQ’ units have been installed after Banbury Town Council applied for and received funding from the Department of Health and Social Care.
The grant came from the Contain Outbreak Management Fund which is designed to offset costs associated with public health issues following the coronavirus pandemic.
Town mayor Jayne Strangwood inspected the BBQ units.
She said: “This is a wonderful idea and will encourage people to come out into the fresh air, get some exercise, and enjoy a meal before going home.
“The unit is a cooking station designed to hold disposable BBQ sets. When cooking is complete, the still-hot barbecue trays can be pushed through a flap into a metal storage container where they can cool down safely. Separate bins are provided for other rubbish so there’s nothing to take home.”
Cllr Strangwood added: “During and after covid there was an increased demand for community health services and this open-air facility will help satisfy that demand.”
The BBQ units are free to use and booking is not required – but the council asks that the areas are left tidy so that other people can use them.