Supporting Tree Week

Published: 04 December 2021

Banbury Town Council is marking National Tree Week (27 Nov – 5 Dec) by celebrating 20 years of exceptional tree care.
The council has a proud history of planting new trees and looking after existing leafage to ensure public safety and prolong growth.
The council owns and maintains more than 11,000 trees in its parks and open spaces – and also cares for nearly six miles of hedgerows.
The Tree Council – which organises national tree week – highlights the fact that trees and hedgerows are powerful tools in the fight against climate change.
Leader of the town council Kieron Mallon said: “The council was formed in 2000 and it took a few months to get organised – but since 2001 we have made our parks and open spaces priority areas and tree care has always been high on the list.
“Planting trees is important in these times but looking after what you’ve already got is just as crucial.
“Our trees are inspected regularly and everything possible is done to keep them healthy. Sometimes diseased trees have to be felled in the interests of safety. We cannot have unsafe trees in parks and other areas where children play and families relax.
“But the council has always tried to plant two new trees for every one felled.”
The council has planted 114 new trees in the past two years including 75 in Spiceball Park and 15 fruit trees in Browning Park orchard.
For the future, the council is talking to the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust about planting a 100-yard hedgerow in Spiceball Park.
This would be 450 saplings of nine native trees and shrubs with a focus on being bird and insect friendly with blossom, berries and fruit.
BBOWT would also like to put more trees at Hanwell wetland.