Tree Canopy Tribute

Published: 26 October 2022

Banbury Town Council is planting 50 trees to create a living memorial to Queen Elizabeth ll.
The trees will be part of the Queen’s Green Canopy – a nationwide initiative set up as part of this year’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations – but extended following Her Majesty’s death.
Councils, schools, community groups and individuals have become involved and more than a million trees have already been planted across the UK.
The finished project will be a lasting tribute to Her Majesty’s outstanding service to her country and her people.
Banbury’s trees will be planted in two stages.
The first took place on Wednesday (26th) when 25 Acer Campestre ‘Queen Elizabeth’ trees were planted at Crouch Hill Open Space. They are a variety of field maple trees and will be well-suited to Banbury’s soil.
The planting produced a circle of new trees around some well-established oak trees.
In mid-November, an avenue of oak trees will be planted at Hanwell View’s public open space.
Cllr Martin Phillips, chairman of the council’s general services committee, said: “As well as being part of the Queens Canopy initiative this has environmental benefits and is part of the council’s commitment to combat climate change.”
Leader of the town council Kieron Mallon said: “I’m proud that Banbury has become part of this wonderful tree planting project that has captured the imagination of so many other towns, cities and villages around the UK.”