Pump Track coming to Spiceball

Published: 18 March 2023

An exciting new leisure facility is coming to Banbury as a result of joint enterprise between two local councils.
A top-of-the-range pump track is planned for Spiceball Park.
Banbury Town Council will provide the land, Cherwell District Council will cover finance and oversee the construction, and the town council will maintain the facility for the future.
The pump track – a thrilling concept for BMXers and bikers of all abilities – will provide recreational use for young riders and can be used by cyclists at all experience levels.
Pump tracks are tight-looped BMX tracks. The obstacles are not as steep as full-scale BMX circuits, but they are closer together so that laps can be completed with ‘pumping’ – the motion used by a rider's upper and lower body. Pumping is used to maintain speed around the circuit without pedalling.
Leader of the town council Kieron Mallon said: “Councils work together on many projects and this is one example of how residents benefit from joint enterprise.
“This new amenity will boost the town council’s leisure portfolio and the pump track will provide adventure, exercise and excitement for young people.”
He added: “Cherwell District Council feasibility studies are underway for the pump track and the town council is keen to provide the land for this exciting new project when the studies are completed.
“Banbury Town council has recently refurbished the skateboard ramp in Spiceball and it’s hoped that the new BMX track will add to the fantastic amenities already featured in this country park.”