Warm Support Continues

Published: 24 January 2023

Warm spaces are continuing to provide comfort to residents who are looking to save on winter heating bills – and Banbury Town Council is urging people to spread the word that they exist.
Launched in early December last year during the spell of below-zero temperatures, warm spaces are easily-accessible areas where residents who struggle with fuel bills can go to avoid being cold at home.
A map showing all of the town’s warm spaces can be seen at the town hall or on the www.banbury.gov.uk website, and ‘on-line’ people are being urged to spread the word amongst the non-internet community that warm spaces are available.
Where possible, they might offer transport to those with mobility problems.
The town council is still offering grants to enable more warm spots to open.
The grants are aimed mainly at charities, clubs and organisations that already run regular sessions so that they can extend their opening hours and provide warmth for longer – daytime and evening.
The grants scheme offers sums of up to £500 to enable warm spaces to be set up in parts of the town where they are most needed.
Leader of the town council Kieron Mallon said: “He said: “The warm space project has been very successful but there is still more that can be done.
“Warm spaces are for people who can’t afford to have their heating on all day and we need to spread the word because not everyone has broadband or buys local newspapers. Those most in need of a warm space could be in that category.”
He added: “Our grants are easy to apply for. Applicants can call at the town hall or log on to www.banbury.gov.uk, click on ‘services’ and scroll down to ‘grants.’